Bianca Plunkett

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Bianca Plunkett is an experienced qualitative researcher, and with over 15 years in the industry, has spent well over a thousand hours facilitating focus group discussions. In this time Bianca has worked across several different industries in both commercial and government sectors. Her passion is qualitative research and understanding consumer behaviour and motivations.

Bianca has extensive experience across a range of different research areas including customer satisfaction research, branding research & strategy, advertising & concept testing studies, consumer usage and attitude studies, segmentation studies, retail assessment & disruption research, new product development research and motivational research. Her varied experience and hands on approach has gained Bianca a reputation for tackling complicated and intricate business issues with her clients entrusting her to design the best research approach to meet their needs.

Bianca has developed this course to impart on participants the practical skills she has honed as a qualitative research moderator.


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