Catheryn Khoo

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Dr. Catheryn Khoo is an Associate Professor at the Griffith Institute for Tourism, Griffith University, Australia; and the Editor-in-Chief of Tourism Management Perspectives (an SSCI international journal ranked A in the Australia Business Deans Council and recognised as reputable in the American and European journal ranking list). She is also the founder of Women Academics in Tourism, Special Advisor to World Women Tourism, and sits on the Advisory Board of the International Tourism and Investment Conference. Catheryn co-edited Asian Qualitative Research in Tourism, and has published over 60 refereed articles and 5 other books. She operationalised qualitative research in all her consulting work, including reports for the Australia’s Queensland Tourism Industry Council Digital Workforce Plan; and the 2019 Global Report on Women in Tourism by UNWTO, UN Women, World Bank, Amadeus and GIS. Other areas where she has used qualitative research meaningfully was when designing a digital competency training for female entrepreneurs in Ecuador and Mexico; and when developing tourism strategies for regional councils and hotel properties. Catheryn believes that industry implementations and corporate training programmes need to be designed based on good research, and that findings from rigorous academic research need be disseminated for the better good.


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