IASSIST Conference 2019 - WORKSHOP - First things first: how to scope, lead, and imbed change (Joanne Webb)

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First things first: how to scope, lead, and imbed change (Joanne Webb)

A practical workshop presenting a range of tools to help attendees lead and manage change in their organizations. Attendees will have the opportunity to try out tools focusing on a project they would like to progress. The workshop will include:

  • Identifying organizational types- how will your organizational culture help or hinder change?
  • How is the world of data organizations special?
  • Leading or managing? How to clarify your role.
  • The famous change curve (Kubler-Ross)- some common misconceptions, how to apply it, can you predict how people will react to change?
  • How do you know what change is needed? How to get a clear scope, carrying out an options analysis, building a business case.
  • Identifying what sort of change you have- looking at project management and tools.
  • How to develop and harness supporters. How you can identify where best to put your resources to gather support using stakeholder force field tools.
  • Stakeholder analysis to ensure your communications (internal and external) are effective.
  • How to prevent problems in change projects: scope creep, buyer’s remorse, unforeseen external impacts.
  • You’ve changed something! Now what? How to prevent going backwards, rebuilding teams and helping individuals look forwards, imbedding change programs.
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