Academic Surveys Australia

ACSPRI's survey centre -- "Academic Surveys Australia" (ASA) -- undertakes a range of surveys and related services. As the name implies, it specialises in surveys for university-based researchers, policy researchers, and projects that have the potential to improve survey methodology and practice. These include some of the major series of survey data made available through the Australian Data Archive.


The theory and practice of survey research is changing very rapidly, spurred on by the declining response rates experienced in most developed countries since the early 1980s. In the last ten years, there have been major developments in our understanding of sources of survey error; new models of the cognitive processes that people employ in responding to questionnaires; and continuous technological innovation. The scale, scope and centrality of surveys has grown, alongside the development of massive longitudinal, cross-national survey projects. Survey research is developing as a highly specialised field, making it increasingly less feasible for researchers to keep abreast of current knowledge and practice. For Australia as a whole, there are advantages in concentrating methodological expertise, while allowing researchers to focus on their substantive field of research. ASA aims to achieve this.


ASA collects data through telephone, online and postal surveys. We have expertise in sampling and questionnaire design, coding qualitative data and analysing survey data. We have extensive experience in preparing cost estimates for grant applications and tenders, as well as designing research that conforms to university research ethics committee requirements. ACSPRI has over thirty years experience of dealing with Australian universities.


We have particular expertise in:

  • Complex web based surveys
  • Novel survey methods requiring software development
  • Small scale, long running telephone interviewing or follow up projects
  • Mail out / Paper based studies

Our staff maintain their expertise and knowledge through engagement in methodological research and through activities at the leading edge of survey methodology. For example, staff members are involved in organising international conferences on survey research and social science methodology.


Beyond ACSPRI, we have access to an extensive network of academic experts and technical consultants who we engage to provide advice on substantive knowledge areas and specialised techniques and methods.


ASA also develops and maintains open source survey and related software, used in research centres all over the world.


Please contact us for more information about collecting your data on a fee-for-service; collaborating on R&D in the field of social science methodology; undertaking methodological research; using our software for your research needs.