LimeSurvey Services

ACSPRI is the LimeSurvey Authorised Partner for Australia.

As authorised Partners, we provide hosting, support, training and consultation.

ACSPRI LimeSurvey: Authorised partners for Australia

Authorised LimeSurvey Partner for Australia

LimeSurvey is free/open source software and any vendor that supports PHP based web applications can host it for you.

ACSPRI are the LimeSurvey Authorised Partner for Australia, and the Australian experts in LimeSurvey and provide more than just hosting, but if you aren’t happy with ACSPRI then you don’t have to re-train in another tool, just move your hosting to another vendor.

ACSPRI LimeSurvey: Support and Training

Support, training and consultation

We have short, 1 day and 2 day courses already available to deliver either in house, via video-conference or at our office in Melbourne. We can also offer customised training to suit the needs of your organisation.

We are survey research experts, so can provide not just software support and consultation but survey and questionnaire design advice.

We can assist with creating your survey in LimeSurvey or moving to LimeSurvey from an existing survey system.

ACSPRI can integrate LimeSurvey with your existing systems and services, including employee or student databases for participant selection, and reporting tools for data output. We have expertise in setting up LimeSurvey in Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs).

ACSPRI LimeSurvey: Host in Australia

Host in Australia

We can host LimeSurvey on your infrastructure, in Nectar (Australian Research Cloud) or on our servers hosted in Melbourne, Australia.

In all these cases, your data remains in Australia at all times. This is particularly important for studies that collect sensitive data.

ACSPRI LimeSurvey: Features


LimeSurvey is as easy to use as popular commercially available web based survey tools,  and has advanced features available for power users.

We offer a hosted service based on LimeSurvey for employees and students of member organisations, called CANVASS.

ACSPRI maintains a containerised (Docker) version of LimeSurvey that has over 1 million pulls. We have also released LimeSurvey plugins including an automated survey backup solution, a way to use LimeSurvey as an LTI provider, integration with PowerBI, SPSS Sav file data output, SMS and MMS invitations and reminders, and an updated customisable opt out page and emailer.

ACSPRI LimeSurvey: Affordability


LimeSurvey itself does not require a fee for licensing – so you only pay for support and  hosting. This is usually an order of magnitude more affordable than proprietary products.

Contact us on 03 9013 9653 or to find out how ACSPRI can help you with your LimeSurvey project.