IASSIST Conference 2019 - WORKSHOP - Structural Equation Modelling in R (Arindam Basu)

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Structural Equation Modelling in R (Arindam Basu)

The goal will be to use a data carpentry style presentation and hands-on approach to teach, discuss and build capacity for researchers and students on conducting structural equation modelling using R and the lavaan package. Structural equation modelling refers to a suite of modelling strategies where inter-relationships among variables can be analyzed using a variance-covariance matrix. Structural equation models are combinations of regression and factor analyses and can be used in a range of analytical situations including validation of questionnaires and assessment of inter-relationships of different variables, including modelling longitudinal studies. We will cover basics of using R, then introduce how to validate a survey instrument, and using a working example, the participants will learn step by step how to construct measurement and structural models. The workshop will be based on the principles and styles of software carpentry where the presenter will provide live coding examples, and we will use a hosted instance of Rstudio, so that participants can only bring a tablet or a notebook computer and can work along. Reference materials and materials for coding will be distributed ahead of the workshop using Github and in paper format during the workshop. Following the workshop, the attendees will have a working knowledge of the principles of structural equation modelling and will be able to use this tool using R to address relevant problems.

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