An Introduction to Mixed Methods Research Design: Online - (2 Days)

In this Master-class we will examine the key features of mixed methods research designs. We will explore the different types of mixed method design; critically analyse the benefits and challenges associated with the design and implementation of each design type; and the analysis and write-up of mixed method studies.


Please note there has been a Schedule/ timetable change for this course:


This course is being held online via Zoom.  The proposed schedule each day is:

    9.30am  - 11.00am: Zoom session (overview)
    11.00am- 11.15am: Break
    11.15am- 12.45pm: Zoom session (exercises incl.)
    12.45pm- 1.45pm: Lunch
    1.45pm  - 3.15pm:  Zoom session (exercises incl.)
    3.15pm  - 3.30pm: Break
    3.30pm  - 4.30pm: Zoom: Question/answer/revision


Course notes will be sent out in advance and exercises will be provided over the 2 days.



*This course will run on Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC +11)
(ie Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra daylight savings time. There will be 5 different time zones to consider in Summer)


Level 1 - runs over 2 days
Course dates: Thursday 11 February 2021 - Friday 12 February 2021
Course status: Course completed (no new applicants)
Week 3
About this course: 

This 2-day Master-class is designed for participants with an introductory-level understanding of mixed methods research designs.

Participants will have an opportunity to workshop their own mixed method designs during the class.


Course syllabus: 

Day 1:

Topics covered include:

  • Defining mixed methods research;
  • philosophical underpinnings of mixed method research;
  • key elements of mixed-method research;
  • crafting mixed methods research questions;
  • convergent parallel designs, including sampling and data collection and analysis considerations;
  • explanatory designs, including sampling and data collection and analysis considerations.



Topics covered include: 

  • exploratory designs, including sampling and data collection and analysis considerations;
  • a brief review of other mixed-method designs;
  • mixed-methods analysis procedures;
  • quality considerations in mixed methods research;
  • guidelines for writing-up mixed-method methodologies.



Course format: 

This course will run online using Zoom

Recommended Texts: 
  • Creswell, J.W. and Plano Clark, V.L. (2017) Designing and conducting mixed methods research. Third edition, London: Sage.
  • Tashakkori, A., Johnson, R.B and Teddlie, C. (2020) Foundations of mixed methods research. Second edition, London: Sage.
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Participant feedback: 

Nicola was a great presenter. I appreciated seeing a wide range of examples from different subjects areas & using different approaches. (2018)


Good foundation information following by interactive tasks which helped with consolidation of knowledge gained (2017)


Exactly what I was looking for - an updated of MM design and application to merging quant & qual data (2017)


Has met my expectations in terms of developing knowledge of MMR, terminolgy, tools and designs (2017)