1 hour of queX suite programming/development/installation/consultation

SKU: quexprogramming

1 hour of programming/development/installation/consultation for the queX suite of software.

This includes installing, customising or administering:

  1. queXS (web based CATI system)
  2. queXF (web based paper form verification system)
  3. queXC (web based data cleaning and coding system)
  4. queXML (questionnaire description toolkit)


  1. Survey instrument programming in Limesurvey (this includes queXS)
  2. Creation of paper forms for use with queXF

This work will be carried out by, or under the supervision of Adam Zammit (the main developer of the queX suite of software)

Please contact surveys@acspri.org.au for a quote for your request.

As an example: A typical installation of queXF will take 2 to 3 hours. A typical installation of queXS will take 4 hours.

Students/employees of ACSPRI member organisations pay $110 per hour. Non-members pay $132 per hour. The $110 rate will appear if you belong to a member institution.

Price: $132.00